Summer on Dartmoor

Spending summer on Dartmoor has been a massive sensory overload. The colours here are unbelievable! Acid greens and fluorescent pinks, bluebells and the foxgloves…its all filtering through my mind when I get into the studio.

Here’s a little bit from my artist bio, it just explains how the landscape around me influences my work.

‘Sophie is a Devon based artist who draws inspiration from the landscape and her surroundings. She often sketches on Dartmoor and works from these in her studio to produce larger oil paintings, taking in the mood of the sky, rolling hills and streams or concentrating on the intricate twisted branches and roots of the bracken.

Choosing to work from these sketches and memories rather than photographs, Sophie’s mood has a strong effect on the colours and textures which adds a serenity and dream like feeling to her work.

The changeable, moody landscapes awash with colour, horizons and the vast openness have inspired her to explore the feeling of being in this environment, so to describe these works as landscapes would be to miss the essence of the places they strive to capture.’