Sophie Berger is a contemporary artist living and working in Devon, UK.

Spending time sketching on Dartmoor and the Devon coastline, then using these in her studio to create oil paintings has been her way of practice and inspiration. 

The landscape and environment are a huge influence, both directly as well as subconsciously. It has allowed Sophie to develop a love for places and things that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Colour and atmosphere, both of which change due to weather and seasons are a very important consideration.

Sophie exhibits nationally and internationally and has sold paintings through galleries, private clients and artist consultancies. She is happy to work with clients on an individual basis for commissions – if you are interested please get in touch.



  • Some of the leaves are already starting to turn golden around here on Dartmoor. I love the summer but I’m really looking forward to the deep reds and orange hues of Autumn 🍂 •
‘Autumnal Glow’
100 x 100 cm
Mixed media on Canvas
Available @theweygallery44
  • Time lapse of my favourite stage, using a palette knife to apply as much paint as possible before blending!
  • Turquoise sky and purple Payne’s grey clouds.
  • Taping up the sides...a slow process I quite enjoy before starting a painting. Taking time with the prep.  #mundanevideo #reallife #partoftheprocess
  • Photo day 📸
  • Hot Pink summer skies 💕
‘Tides Are Turning’
30 x 40 cm
Available on my website
  • ‘Constantine Bay’
30 x 40 cm
I painted this after spending time at Constantine bay learning to surf last year with @haighish , it’s so beautiful there. Every time I look at this painting it reminds me of being covered in salt and sand and exhausted from being tumbled by waves...A lovely type of tired.
  • Corner detail

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